Creative Lit

Eternal Love in an Unstable Form

by Mikayla Mislak

How can I love you constantly
With my inconsistent gaze?

Will you run away from me
If I forget to hold your hand?

Would you see me as a stranger
If you couldn’t spot me in a crowd?

Would you love me still
If I awoke as a woman
When you thought of me in the beginning
As a man?

I still wear my mother’s yarn
Twisted around my wrist
But will you still notice it
If my hands do not feel the same?

Will you hear my words of adoration
If they’re spoken in a foreign tongue?

Do we have to wait until I’m pretty
For me to make love to you?

Can you still be part
of my strange little world
When your friends are starting rumors
About me and you?

Can you greet me the same
Even if I wear
A different mask every day?

Will you believe me when I say
That though my body will always change
My affection for you will remain as permanent
As the art I create?

Will you still wear the ring I made for you
Even though my ring size changes every morning?

I have so many questions for you
But what I’m really trying to ask
Is can you see my beauty

Inspired by the 2015 film, “The Beauty Inside”

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